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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, worldwide, including India. The diagnosis of HER2+ metastatic breast cancer affects the individual and their family emotionally, psychologically and financially.

Information and treatment is often not sought at the right time, making it a painful experience for both the person suffering and their family. Our emphasis is to provide right guidance and correct knowledge on aspects pertaining to breast cancer. Through Ashray, a comprehensive patient support initiative, we help patients and their families understand and manage stress due to the illness.

Emotional support

Cancer and its treatment can cause physical changes. Women suffering with breast cancer may experience depression, insecurity and may feel physically and emotionally weak. Each individual manages her feelings differently, depending on the support systems available to them.

A special breast cancer kit to help cope with the emotional distress of living with breast cancer while understanding and managing the illness, through right treatment options.
Psychological support

The psychological impact of dealing with the stress of breast cancer could become a barrier in the healing process. During this period of uncertainty, we provide counseling to help patients to effectively manage their stress.

Ashray provides multilingual tele-counselling support to patients by providing information on diet, lifestyle modification, prevention of infection, adherence to treatment and many other topics to assist them during the course of the treatment. Ashray also offers on the ground counselors in a few cities like Delhi and Mumbai, with plans to expand this support to more cities eventually.

Ashray also organizes patient meetings where healthcare experts talk on topics like stress management and the importance of exercise during treatment. Breast Cancer Survivors are invited as guest speakers to share their knowledge and experiences.

Access to medication

Treatment for cancer can bring about financial concerns. Managing the costs of cancer treatment could be difficult for many patients and their families, making it difficult to adhere to the prescribed treatment.

To help patients have access to drug therapy and continue their treatment regimen, Ashray provides conditional medication support with Mylan's medicines to enrolled patients.


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